Sigfa Solutions Gujarat Chapter is a part of Sigfa Solutions which is a registered society at Faridabad. It offers educational and health services. The main objective of this society is to spread the practical teachings of SIGFA (Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty) related to health, mind, memory empowerment, ancient yoga and mindfulness techniques in order to provide holistic health to bring health and happiness in everyone’s life.


About Me

My name is Binny Chauhan and I am living in Ahmedabad. Currently, I am working as a Master Trainer in Psycho Neurobics designated as Gujarat Head, SIGFA Solutions. I have conducted more than 100 Workshops, Webinars, and virtual programs in the last 4 years and trained thousands of people with Psycho Neurobics, and have successfully treated many chronic patients.
I have been religiously practicing Psycho Neurobics for 10 years and have organized many seminars and workshops and Retreat for Dr. Chandrashekhar in Gujarat.
Academically, I am an Electrical Engineer. Also completed my MSc and PhD in Psycho Neurobics with the topic, ‘HEALTH MANAGEMENT ON DIABETES AND OBESITY THROUGH PSYCHO NEUROBICS’ with 200 subjects. I also practice other alternative therapies like REIKI, Numerology, Switch words, Hooponopono, and Art of Living. I am a passionate Artist and have mastered in Oil, Acrylic, and Egyptian Coffee Painting. I have also initiated Coffee Painting workshops in Ahmedabad. I have been trained in Indian Classical music.
My journey in Psycho Neurobics started in 2011 when I did an In-depth course and with a daily practice of 2 hrs helped me attain the level of Healer and Master Trainer which transformed my life. A few years back when my father had a cardiac attack, I applied Psycho Neurobics, it worked as first aid and miraculously saved his life.
In the past 10 years, I learned and mastered many alternate therapies but whenever I have faced turbulence and challenging times, I have always bounced back through this Wonderful therapy, Psycho Neurobics.

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Dr. Chandrashekhar is the inventor of Psychoneurobics He is an international healer, Guinness book of world record holder in speech category, Asia book, and India book record holder. He has also received good karma award 2017, in the category of self-healing through Psychoneurobics organized by speaking tree. He has recently been conferred with the honorable designation of Vice-Chancellor of Yoga Sanskrutham University, Florida, USA. Now his life is living example of surviving from two major life-threatening diseases of cancer and hepatitis C by application of mind power. He has healed lacs of people around the globe to live a healthy life. When all medicines and treatment fail he gives a hope that is invaluable to all the patients and he has come forth with numerous successful cases gathering the blessings of all those whom he has cured. His services to humanity are appreciable beyond words.


Benefits of Psychoneurobics

The body is your temple; Psychoneurobics is the artwork of knowledge on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.

Reduces Stress

Reduce Stress by the powerful method of Psychneurobics

Control Anxiety

Control Anxiety by the powerful method of Psychoneurobics

Enhances Self-Awareness

Enhance your Self - Awareness with Psychoneurobics

Balance Body & Mind

Balance Body & Mind with Psychoneurobics

Anger Management

Learn Anger Management with Psychoneurobics

Memory & Concentration

Increase Memory & Concentration with Psychoneurobics

What My Participants Say About Me

Psychoneurobic is a meditation technique for effective healing through complete fitness of mind, body, and soul. For me, this technique came as a blessing in my life. I can easily manage my stress, anger, anxiety, and negativity through the 3rd eye healing album. I'm really very grateful to Binny ma'am for teaching me this healing technique.